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Are we choreographed by our clitoris or our clitoris choreographed by us, do we choreograph our clitoris or who actually does











Choreographic Artistic practice is based on artistic research. Clitoris from my choreographic perspective is not only the anatomy of more than 8,000 nerve endings in the tip of the clitoris. In this research, I’m trying to map these nerves through body-based practices and reflect on the clitoris impact in many different aspects, which will manifest in three different art objects, that I am going to explain more, after considering the scientific background and personal conceptions. The three different art objects are 1. Revival, a dance performance (embodied contemplation) that seeks to present and reinvent rituals for Sheela Na Gig. with a choreographic interpretation to anthropology and ethnochoreology. 2. Därnere, an educational performance, edutainment, for teenagers with the aim to broaden their knowledge about the clitoris and whole sexuality. 3. EBC: Empowered By Clitoris, a workshop with the aim to empower people, using the energy of the clitoris, yoga and meditation.

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